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THE EATBEAT: Suit your tastes at Subway

New York this isn't.

But you can find a Subway running around Greater Grand Forks without much trouble. There are 10 of the sandwich places licensed here now. And there are a couple more in East Grand Forks.

So it was that four of us could easily agree on Subway for a lunch together at my house. The most popular sandwich around here is turkey. The accompaniments are endless.

Our sandwiches were constructed to suit our tastes at the shop on 1850 Columbia Road, where there are 20 employees. The manager, Andrew Goren, says the place is busy between 7 a.m. and midnight. The sandwiches are made up according to the customer's preference of an array of condiments.

While Subway shops are waiting with ham, chicken and beef, Goren says turkey is the No. 1 choice. And there's a six-inch turkey version that goes for $4.50. Drinks are extra. So are the cookies.

And as the weather grows colder, more customers look to Subway for chili, broccoli cheese or a creamy potato soup.

With an eye to the busy holidays ahead, Subway shops are promoting 50 percent more meat for a sandwich for 50 cents, Goren said.

Like the many national food chains, Subway is bulwarked online by all the information you could possibly want. There are serving sizes, calorie counts and cholesterol reports readily available. They mean little to most who stand through the lines at a Subway. They are important to others who have health concerns.

Subways in Grand Forks

It was Debbie and Brian Conneran who brought the Subways to town 26 years ago. The first Subway in North Dakota was inside the El Roco at 1730 13th Ave. N.

At one point, the Connerans had 17 Subways between Grand Forks and Fargo. The couple met in Florida, where she lived. Brian is from Fisher, Minn. She went to Subway School before they were married in 1988.

The Connerans no longer operate Subways. They now have interests in Little Caesar's pizza. And they own three hotels, including AmericInns of Grand Forks and Grafton and Holiday Inn Express in Rogers, Minn.

The couple continues to live in Grand Forks and has raised three daughters here—often helping out at the Subways.


1850 Columbia Road

Grand Forks

Manager: Andrew Goren

Hours: 7 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Saturday

Eatbeat Report Card: Subway shops have stood the test of time in Grand Forks after starting out here in 1988. The sandwiches are served up quickly with choices of customers. They are well patronized by people on the job seeking a fast lunch and travelers who like to know what they are getting. Along with sandwiches, Subways offer salads, breakfast omelets and pizza sides.