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Letter: Where is the fire in pro-life movement?

To the editor,

Since 1973, the GOP has pledged if only you give them the power, they will end legal abortion. And they know there is no more loyal group than the pro-life voter.

Well, here it is. For the next two years, they have all the power necessary to end abortion. The presidency, Senate, House, a majority of governors and state assemblies and a probable 5-4 Supreme Court: All GOP.

No more fundraising is needed. No more bone-throwing, nibbling on the edges like Planned Parenthood or stem-cell research. This is the time for them to go all in and deliver for the pro-life cause.

So where's the debate in Congress? Where's the constitutional amendment? Heck, where is there any legislation of any kind? It's nowhere.

Even more perplexing, where's the fire in the pro-life movement? It, too, is nowhere.

If the movement doesn't rise up and demand it gets done before the next election, they may have to realize they have been played. Because they have.

Do you really think the GOP is willing to risk the millions of automatic pro-life votes they may lose to all other compassionate issues they stand so firmly against? Quick answer: No.

The movement should know if they have been conned by November 2018. (Remember Bush 2001-2003? They had all the power then, too, and nothing.)

Expect more full-blown, ongoing anti-abortion GOP fundraising campaigns of empty lip service while the delivery date now stands at 44 years overdue.

Mike Butler

East Grand Forks