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Letter: A big lump of coal for ND homeowners

To the editor,

As homeowners of North Dakota anxiously wait for their daily mail, this year might be different.

Property tax statements are going out with a 12 percent increase. The only homeowners that should be upset about this are the 23.5 percent who favored eliminating property taxes. To the 76.5 percent who rejected this measure, I don't want to hear any complaints.

When the legacy measure came to a vote, 63.2 percent of voters favored putting 30 percent of oil revenues in a special fund. Was this money a rainy-day fund to help the residents of the state?

Now we have a $5 billion cash cow, or should I say cash rhino. The Legislature failed to provide a 12 percent buydown and here we are at this point. This amounts to about a $300 to $500 per homeowner, with some paying less and some paying more.

Call your legislative representative and thank them for the wonderful Christmas present. We gave them a $5 billion Christmas present and we got the lump of coal. Merry Christmas.

Gary Hoffer