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Letter: Real 'Taps' bugler makes big difference

To the editor,

I was in the army many years ago, and as part of my duty, I was an honor guard for military funerals. I was one of the rifle squad. A lieutenant and a staff sergeant were in charge. There were seven in the rifle squad, six pallbearers and a bugler. The most poignant part of the ceremony was when the bugler played "Taps." There is something about "Taps" that pulls at the heartstrings.

Recently, I was a funeral where military honors were given. "Taps" was played by a machine that looked like a bugle.

It saddens me to see no one was there to play "Taps." Wouldn't it be great if a local school's music department could send a student to play for those funerals? It would be a meaningful way to say one final thank you for your service to a local veteran.

Steve Jorland

Middle River, Minn.